” Loyalty” a word that is used by many but followed by some.

It’s just not a quality, it’s an life long process in which many people fail miserably.

In today’s world, this quality is not seen much, Everyone is just busy with fake love, emotions, relationship.

Not a single person wants to invest in true and lifetime relationship.

Loyalty is an emotion, feeling, an attachment with the other person.

It’s an assurance to your own heart and mind that you are true to yourself.

Loyalty matter in every relationship, let it be of husband wife, gf bf, siblings, parents, friends, colleagues.

If you stay loyal you don’t have to think twice about anything before saying or asking the other person.

Loyalty in my point of view is another word for truth, transparency.

If you are loyal, and the other person does not stay loyal with you. It’s there loss not yours.

Always be loyal, cause nothing is more attractive than loyalty. 

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