Mother’s day

So, today is the day when everyone around the world is celebrating mother’s day!! 

The social media is flooded with pictures, messages, celebration video’s. And why not? The person who gave us life and raised us to who we are today should get more value by just posting it on social media.

Mother is the only creature on this whole planet who loves us selflessly​ and truly.

She never say no! For anything even if she doesn’t want to do it. Her love cannot​ be measured by any scale or any parameter. 

But what about those unlucky kids, who do not have their mothers with them, to celebrate this days. 

This the day when those kids feel most loneliness. 

Mother’s who are in heaven are looking at their kids. And also praying for them to be strong throughout there life.

Today’s article is specially for those kids who don’t have there mother’s with them today on this occasion of mother’s day! Don’t be upset mother can see her child and also see take care of them without being physically present with them. 

I wish you a very happy mother’s day Mumma ❤😘… I know you looking at me from heaven and you will always protect me from everything. 

I love you!! ❤ 

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