Hidden emotions- backspace

Hello everyone!!!

After so long, I’m back to write blog’s.

Hidden emotions- backspace
He was the light of her life,
Love of her life, yet far away from her.
His likes, dislikes, favourite restaurant, coffee, colour, hobbies, all were known by her, but her feelings were still buried deep down in her heart, everyday is a new day for her with same old thoughts of him in back of her mind.
No love can replace his love in her life, she kept herself guarded, where only he can reach.
Daily communication is not possible for her, as she want to keep her love a secret, only his social networking site profile helps her to see him daily, every other day he update his new profile and she saved it, no comment she give on his profile, she was a secret admirer of him.
Which he was unaware.
A message she typed on valentine’s day, but as usual unable to express her selfless love she erased “I love you” and typed “good morning”
Her hidden emotions never came out and her backspaced messages were more important then her sent messages.

So, here is an sweet small article about one sided girl lover… Whose love was selfless yet complicated for her to express due to the fear of rejection. 

I hope you all will love it. ❤

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