The blessed month of Ramadan

So finally, after so long here comes my another blog, Ramadan blessed month for all Muslims marks its end.
With all mercy blessings and of course fasting Muslims all over the world celebrate this whole long 1 month of Ramadan, with loads of varieties in food the fast gets over daily in evening or you can call it “iftari” and then prayers whole evening… And this is followed for complete 1 month also shopping is the most fascinating part of Ramadan for eid everyone do shopping to look best on eid.
Then on the eid day all people offers eid namaaz in morning.. Then the sweet sevai is prepared at home on the occasion of eid it’s a special dessert prepared at every Muslim house.. Then comes the interesting part for all the kids at home as all elder member of family gives “eidi” to all the younger member of the family. Then delicious food is prepared for lunch and people meet their relatives and greet everyone by saying eid Mubarak… And in that way Ramadan the holy month marks its end…
Wish u all a very happy eid…

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