So, here come monsoon the much awaited climate of the year.. today we experience the first rain’s of 2015, this climate is known as the most romantic climate from all other climate’s in India. Rain’s gives a soothing experience after long hot sunny days.. that is one reason why people loves monsoon more than any other climate’s.
Personally i don’t like monsoon much, but this climate have some magic stored in it the experience of getting wet in first rain gives us the feeling which is out of the world, the smell of the mud after first rain is just awesome.. and suddenly we can see greenery all around us, the surrounding get so clean after first rain… everything looks so fresh and alive. and the thunderstorm which gives a horror sound are just so amazing to hear… small kid’s start making paper boats and competition takes place to know whose boats won the race? we feel to eat something spicy and tea coffee makes our day perfect in monsoon. Night’s get more chill and we don’t feel like to wake up in morning, we feel cozy.
    Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, black tea is what all we need whole day in monsoon’s, snacks become the core part of evening time..reading books, watching TV, whole day lying on the couch is the ultimate work we do in monsoon’s..
     The excitement of getting new raincoat, umbrella, rainy shoes makes us so happy. Unexpected school/college holiday due to heavy rain’s gives us happiness and we pray that this rain should not stop for whole week so that we can enjoy long hours of sleep, late night movies, and no burden of studies at all. whether you like monsoon or not, you have to accept that it bring happiness on your face in some or the other way.
We all have some or the other lovable memories attached with this climate.. remembering those memories… while sitting near the window bring tears in our eyes.. and we again love monsoon more and more. music makes our mood perfect in monsoon.. music and monsoon have deep connection their ultimate aim is to make us happy.. it’s a blessing to have monsoon and not everyone enjoy to get wet in rain’s, some enjoy to get wet in rain’s and some enjoy to sit back and enjoy nature’s beauty with coffee and music. happiness can be found in everything… so why not monsoon?? enjoy it to the core in whatever way you feel..

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