The topic which i have selected to write my next blog, is very common but it will surely make you proud to read if you are a female and also at least some males will feel to change their behaviour towards their mother, girlfriend, wives, daughter’s. “As it is said that changes or revolution begins at home”. The word “women empowerment” is said by us daily many a times, but do any of us feels what it means? or what should we do to change the condition of at least one women of our society? Always changes starts at small level, one by one we can change the conditions for the betterment of women’s society. Women empowerment actually means “to empower women’s with education, safety, raise her status in society”. In all to give her all the rights same as men’s have. The most basic thing to make any women stable in her life is “Education”. it is the most vital part of any women’s life, by making her educated, you are giving her freedom of living as per her choice. In earlier times, women’s were consider as burden on a family and also in society where she is born, the so- called society and the family in which the girl is born used to bury her alive inside the ground, as in those time’s if a girl child is born it is a shameful thing as people used to think they are good for nothing, and it will be a burden to raise her and then at the age of 8 or 9 to get her married to someone and also dowry was the main worry factor for the parents itself. I can say that “a salve used to have a good life than a female” in those time. Cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house, taking care of children, doing all work like a donkey for her husband, is the only thing taught to a women in the ancient time’s. Education, freedom of speech were not even discussed with women’s of those time. women’s were just a “reproduction machine” for males and also there was a condition that male child should only be produce otherwise, she will be thrown out of house and also from the society, and the so called male will marry some other women for the sake of male child. Now tell me my friend’s is this what women’s are born for, the creator has created man and women both equal… but what is this cruel males are doing with women’s… they are destroying females as much as they can, just for the sake of their enjoyment. Yes, this the bitter truth of our societies, till now in 21st century women’s are getting exploited by males… Let me tell you something which we all know but we just avoid such topics to talk about, female foeticide, sexual abuse, rape’s, child marriage, beating, and many more… this are some issues which should be highlighted.. to save many women’s who are suffering cause of this.. who have lost their existence cause of fear, cruel past. we all can make and effort to save at least some women’s from all this destroying acts, In many countries females are suffering all this but are unable to do anything to save themselves from all this… women’s should be trained for self defence, they should be  taught martial arts to safeguard themselves from the wolf’s in the form of males. Government should make laws which defines women’s safety. A special care should be taken for women’s health, only educating a women for the sake of degree… is not enough, a women should be all rounder..  A women is not born for getting married and then producing babies for the males. She is equal or I can say more then a male in all aspects.. in today’s world, we can see that females are doing everything which a male can do let it be working in a office, travelling, handling higher post in office, doing PhDs, supporting their families, anything a women can do.. the need of the hour is a women’s safety which is at high risk.. As it is proved by many scientific studies, males have higher ego then a female.. and all women’s in their life’s somewhere have felt the jealously or ego from their male partner. Let it be that male be your dad, brother, boyfriend, friend, husband, colleague, or your boss.. the ego of males can never see a women higher then them… its an another fact of cruel male species… who thinks none is greater, smarter like them. And when they see a female more smarter intelligent well organised and also more educated then them… the dog which is there in all male species start to think how to destroy this women so that she can never do anything more then me and always obey me like a pet animal… so the most basic thing a man will do is he will getting friendly with you.. he will show that none care for you like he do.. not even your family.. if the women is smart she will understand his motto behind his sweetness which he is showing to you.. and if the women is believing in the bullshit of love, friendship she will get trapped by this man sweet words, then slowly slowly this man will start destroying you in the name of so called true love.. and some women’s easily falls for this trap.. its my personal point of view males species only motto to be sweet with women’s is “Sex”. not all males are same but unfortunately mostly 99% are cruel and only 1% are not like that and in coming time all males will be like that only, good things, true love, loyalty, trust, honesty will just be words in books.. and my all female friend’s who are reading my blog, please make yourself a established a successful women.. which no male can harm you… work on yourself… rather then working like and idiot for males… being modern is just not roaming naked or wearing less clothes and thinking that your are modern and no man can harm you.. you will not even realise and the male species will ruin your life.. and whole life you will just be in trauma of your past or i can say a victim of a male desire.. don’t be a toy of sexual pleasure, a rape victim, or a reproduction machine… the purpose of your life is not this.. don’t make yourself a slave.. instead be like a king.. and start shaping your life the way you want… not the way any of your male partner want… both men’s and women’s are equal.. and both have equal rights to live their life the way they want… No offence for males… this is my personal point of view which i thought to share… there is one phrase which is suitable for this topic… “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL”. no women will be complete without a man and no man will be complete without a women.. our creator has created both the gender’s to support each other and not to blame each other… in this blog of mine… I’m trying to convince those women’s who have lost their existence and also to those females who are victim of sexual abuse, rape’s to give them courage to start their life once again and this time as strong women’s…  HOPE MY BLOG IN SOME WAY HELP AT LEAST SOME WOMEN’S IN OUR SOCIETY.. TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE IN SOME WAY.. Deep thoughts2015!!!

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