1. What is the meaning of mother in your life?? A well know meaning which is said by everyone is.. Mother is my best frnd she is my everything … We hear this meaning or lines by everyone … Whenevr this question is asked by someone .. But really we mean it or not.. Ask yourself do you mean that statement you said abt your mother… The inner self of your will say a “BIG NO”.
    Now if you getting a big NO from ur inner self… Then ask urslf why u saying that statement to every1… If u don’t mean it.. Just for the sake of getting praised by others… Ever have you realised what a precious gift GOD has given you in the form of MOTHER… She is the 1 cause of her you are in this world and enjoying evrythg in this world.. But u have forgotten that she suffered cause of you… She loved you from the day you were in her womb. She neglected every pain, evry suffering just for your comfort. She kept you for 9 months in her womb. She suffered the labour pain just to bring you in this world… Do you have any idea what is labour pain??
    During labour pain when the child is almost ready to come out of mother womb… There is a pain similar to 20 bones of a human body getting fractured at same time..


This image shows how much pain every mother in this world suffer for their child to get into this world .
Mother is that women in ur lyf… Which loves you without any conditions.. She will love you the way you are.. And will support you in each and evrything you want to do.
We all take break in a week or in a year,
But do you any idea… How hard work your mother do just to keep you going,
From morning till night she works for you.. She don’t take any break even on Sunday… To make everything perfect in your life.. She sacrifice her own self.. She make your priority as her priority.
In today’s world, the priorities are totally changed for youngsters.. For us, friends socialising is everything. Family is just for namesake. We do what we like, we keep on hurting our parents specially our mom the most… We start thinking that she is oldy.. She don’t know the modern things.. Which we know. We start shouting at her for small things. But then also she loves us, she don’t complain about our behaviour.. She support us for our so-called modern thinking.. But deep down in her heart she felt bad.. She felt miserable that she is nothing in your life.. Cause now you are grown.. And you are more smart then her.. Just think my all youngsters friend’s… What we are doing with our mother’s is that right??
What if same will happen with your future daughter’s? Will you be able to give any example to your future generations that how you treated your mother? When you were young? Think my friend’s… She is the one who can teach you everything from childhood till now… She is the precious gift to you… Don’t exploit her existence.. Make her feel like a princess everyday not only on mother’s days… Make her your crown of your head.. Not your slave who works for you whole day and nothing else… Make her feel that everything she did for you was worth it. And make her proud every moment in her life.
Those who lost their mother.. Know the worth of having mother in their life’s.. Those who all have there mother in their life’s make sure you treat her right…


This image shows the powerful meaning of word MOTHER..

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